Summer Events & Activities in Atlanta, GA

As the summer sun warms the cityscape, Atlanta bursts into a kaleidoscope of events and activities that promise memorable experiences for locals and visitors alike. From vibrant music festivals to indulgent food fairs, Atlanta’s summer calendar is brimming with excitement. Situated at the heart of this bustling city, the Courtland Grand Hotel is your perfect base to explore the rich tapestry of Atlanta’s summer festivities.

Celebrate Arts and Culture

Summer in Atlanta kicks off with an impressive lineup of cultural festivities that showcase the city’s diverse artistic spirit. For art aficionados, the Piedmont Park Arts Festival in August is a must-visit. This event features up to 250 artists and offers everything from live painting demonstrations to engaging children’s activities, all set against the backdrop of one of Atlanta’s most beautiful parks. Guests of the Courtland Grand Hotel can take a leisurely morning stroll through the festival before returning to the hotel for an afternoon of pampering at the on-site spa.

Indulge in Culinary Delights

No summer in Atlanta is complete without exploring its culinary scene.

In late July, the Atlanta Ice Cream Festival becomes a cool refuge for those looking to beat the summer heat. Held in Piedmont Park, this festival delights with a variety of ice cream flavors, live music, and wellness activities. After indulging in sweet treats, guests can retreat to the serene ambiance of the Courtland Grand Hotel, where the evening can be capped off with a scenic view of the city skyline from the hotel’s rooftop.

Enjoy Unique Summer Festivals

Atlanta’s summer festival scene is as diverse as it is vibrant. The Grant Park Summer Shade Festival in late August offers a mix of live music, an artist market, and a food marketplace, supporting the Grant Park Conservancy. Located nearby, the Courtland Grand Hotel is the ideal spot for festival-goers to refresh and rejuvenate, whether it’s sipping a refreshing drink by the pool or relaxing in the elegantly designed guest rooms.

For those intrigued by local and international cultures, the Atlanta International Night Market provides a spectacular celebration of diversity, with international food vendors and captivating street performers. As night falls, the comfortable and luxurious accommodations at the Courtland Grand Hotel await, promising a peaceful end to a vibrant day.

Plan Your Unforgettable Atlanta Summer at the Courtland Grand Hotel

Summer in Atlanta offers an exhilarating array of events and activities that cater to all interests, from arts and music to food and culture. Anchoring your experience at the Courtland Grand Hotel not only provides access to these events but enhances your stay with superior service and a central location that puts the best of Atlanta at your doorstep. As you plan your summer adventures, consider the Courtland Grand Hotel, where every detail of your stay is handled with the utmost care and elegance. Discover more and book your summer escape at Courtland Grand Hotel, where your Atlanta journey begins.